All Hands

New York, United States | Full-time | Partially remote


Switch your job. Save democracy.

Sound urgent? It should. In order to win in 2020, progressives need unprecedented mobilization. The only way to do this is through technology + people power, but we’ve got a talent crisis and are at risk of falling behind. And with so many orgs going digital-first in a COVID-19 era, it's even more essential that we bridge this talent gap – quickly. 

That’s where you come in. We’re putting out a call for the best & brightest in tech, data & paid media to step up – and we’re here to help you do it. 

We need all hands on deck. Hit "Apply" below to submit your resume and get started!


How it works

We’ve partnered with an array of cutting-edge advocacy and campaigning organizations at the forefront of the progressive fight. We’ll handpick profiles that align with their open tech roles, and we’ll make those intros on your behalf. Think of us like a massive curated resume bank. No catch, no strings attached. We’re just here to help make it easier for you to find each other.